Welcome warrior! A great task lies ahead...

Fast Growing Community

A strong player driven community that strives to bring you the most enjoyable, content filled, exciting gameplay that you will ever experience on any RSPS! If you have any suggestions or comments for us, then please don't hesitate to post them on our community forums.

CUSTOM CO-OP minigames

NEW Custom Minigame PRISONERS on LoyaltyScape! First custom multi-tiered team based minigame since Castle Wars! Escape as a prisoner from Melzar the Mad’s prison or join the dark wizards to stop the prisoners from escaping! Best strategy minigame yet!

Epic Loot

Many great treasures and other rewards await you around the corner! We have Donation Boxes// Legendary Mystery Boxes, that offer TONS OF rewards! Also npcs drop caskets, and bosses have amazing loot! Don't forget to search EVERYWHERE!


Take part in an epic battle with one of the strongest bosses in the planet! he drops EPIC loot! you wouldnt want to miss out !

FUN Iron Man Mode

Test your might and your will in this epic game mode. 75% drop rate, what can you achieve?

Unique PVM

Train on a vast playing field with rare drops at reasonable rates from multiple bosses with a very unique boss point shop for great gear!

six game modes!

Create and combine your own special super class! by selecting from one of the 6 game modes! :: normal/ FUN IRON MAN / ironman/ hcim/ normal game mode and rates ::Medium game mode is an increase of 5% drop rate/ Expert game mode is an increase of 10% drop rate / Professional game mode is an increase of 15% drop rate

Recent Updates

Updated log in screen // currently working on the teleport interface // updates to FFA, and LMS // updated donator zones // upgrades to ZULRAH, and working out the final touches// daily updates and more! Check out our forums to keep updated on all the changes! Or join our DISCORD channel!